Year 2017

Client RYTO.IT

Type Object

“RYTO is a project based on the concept of “excellence”.

To achieve excellence a product has to undergo a long process, centred on the knowledge of the land, earnestness of the persons involved and patience (coupled with time). Since its origins, the Bargnolein has always represented a gift, a perfect way to conclude a “meal of Traditions”.

RYTO – Bargnoelin is a 28° liqueur, obtained by steeping in alcohol the prunus spinosa berries. The berries, hand-picked on the famous “Hills of Piacenza” (a region of Emilia, in North of Italy), represent themselves the notion of “tradition” intrinsic to the whole production process of this spirit. The resulting flavor melts together the sweet smells of the understory and the sourness of the prunes, revealed through its blunt fullness and deep ruby color.

RYTO was created by an engineer and a designer. Friends for a long time, born and grown in the Piacenza region, they share the passion for excellence and its pursuit. Thus, after years of studies and research, they decided to steep their own Bargnolein, in the respect of the spirit of tradition, proper to this handcrafted product, to be appreciated by tasting it and enjoying it in a moment of pleasure. “

ryto_liquore_bottiglia_01 ryto_liquore_bottiglia_02