Fork, knife and spoon set. Prototype in nylon rapid processed

Gli attrezzi si mescolano alle posate, come se entrambi volessero cambiare stanza, come se volessero parlare di altro. Forma che aumenta la fluidità tra ironia e galateo, rito che armonizza immaginazione e funzione. Ognuno è artigiano del proprio sogno e scolpire un sogno…non ha pause.

The tools are mixed with the table set, as if both these different objects wanted to change room, as if they wanted to describe something else. The shape increases the thinness between irony and etiquette, like a ritual that harmonizes imagination and function. Everyone is the artisan of his own dream, and carving a dream… has no pauses.


  1. Brad Cilliers wrote:

    Hi, Pls could you send me a price list of the fork and knife collection in black pls.

  2. giotirotto wrote:

    Hi Brad,
    I’m sorry, but the project is a prototype.. right now.

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